Symbol: Th

Atomic Number: 90

Atomic Weight: 232.038

Thorium (atomic number 90, symbol Th) is a metal and chemical element with radioactive properties. It was discovered by Jons Berzelius and Morten Esmark in 1828.

Thorium is an actinide metal that is ductile, soft, and silvery in color. It has a face-centered structure and is very reactive. The element forms different compounds, including halides, hydroxides, oxides, and chalcogenides. Thorium reacts with bismuth, antimony, arsenic, nitrogen, and other elements. Its boiling point is 8654 F (4790 C), and its melting point is 3182 F (1750 C). There are 6 isotopes that occur in nature, and Th-232 has the longest half life....Read More