Symbol: Po

Atomic Number: 84

Atomic Weight: (209)

Polonium (atomic number 84, symbol Po) is a radioactive element and a very rare semi-metal. The element has 33 radioactive isotopes, including polonium-208 and polonium-210. It is a scarce element that is produced in nuclear reactors. Neurons are used to bombard bismuth-209, and bismuth-210 is formed as a result. Polonium-210 is created through emission of beta particles. Only 3 isotopes have an appreciable half-life - polonium-210, polonium-209, and polonium-208. The half-life of polonium-209 is 102 years, making it the most stable isotope. It emits alpha particles and decays into lead-205.

Polonium-210 also emits an alpha particle and decays into lead-210....Read More