Symbol: Uuo

Atomic Number: 118

Atomic Weight: (294)

Ununoctium (symbol Uuo, number 118) is a synthetic, super heavy, transactinide element, also known as element 118 and eka-radon. Ununoctium is the temporary IUPAC name. Transactinides are super heavy elements such as Livermorium, Flerovium, Copernicium, Hassium, Bohrium, and others. These elements have atomic numbers from 104 to 118. They are also transuranium elements and are artificially produced. With the exception of Dubnium and Rutherfordium, all elements are very unstable and have very short half lives. Like other transactinide elements, Ununoctium is manmade, radioactive, and only produced in laboratories. Systemic names are used prior to discovery and isolation. Permanent names are...Read More