Symbol: Lv

Atomic Number: 116

Atomic Weight: (293)

Livermorium (atomic number 116, symbol Lv) is an artificially made element which was isolated in 2000.

Properties, Isotopes, and Similarities with Other Elements
This is a super heavy, highly radioactive element produced by nuclear reactions. Some of its isotopes have been isolated, namely Lv-295, Lv-294, Lv-288, and Lv-285. All isotopes studied so far are unstable. The longest-lived isotope of Livermorium is Lv-293, with a half life of 61 milliseconds. The shortest-lived isotope is Livermorium-290. Its half life is only 7.1 milliseconds. Fusion reactions of Ca-48 and Cm-243 produce lighter isotopes.

This is a group 16 element, together with polonium, tellurium,...Read More