Symbol: Uup

Atomic Number: 115

Atomic Weight: (289)

Ununpentium (atomic number 115, symbol Uup) is a synthetic, transuranium element which is very unstable and higly radioactive. It is a super heavy post-transition metal also known as element 115 and eka-bismuth. Ununpentium is the temporary name.

Isotopes and Predicted Properties
This is a 7-period, p-block element and the heaviest known pnictogen. Other pnictogens are bismuth, phosphorus, nitrogen, antimony, and arsenic. They are solid at room temperature, the only exception being nitrogen, and have different crystal structures, densities, and melting points. All elements in this group form covalent bonds. Uup has 115 protons and an atomic weight of 289. Given...Read More