Symbol: Mt

Atomic Number: 109

Atomic Weight: (276)

Meitnerium (atomic number 109, symbol Mt) is a chemical element synthesized by Gottfried Munzenberg and Peter Armbruster at the Darmstadt Institute for Heavy Ion Research in 1982. The team used nuclei of iron-58 to bombard bismuth-209 and detected meitnerium-266. The half-life of this isotope is 0.0038 seconds or 3.8 milliseconds. The most stable isotope of meitnerium is meitnerium-278 and through alpha decay, it decays into bohrium-274. Its half-life is around 11 seconds.

The element was originally known as unnilennium and named after the physicist Lise Meitner. IUPAC adopted the name in 1997.

This radioactive element is artificially produced. Its chemical...Read More